• Pepperdine WLA Graduate Campus (map)

A Live CyberSecure LA Panel Discussion


Cody Wamsley, CyberSecurity and Privacy Associate, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
William Dixon, Associate Managing Director - Cyber Risk, Kroll
Ashli Pfeiffer, Information Security Consultant, Tevora
Jeremy Stepan, President, Resurgence IT
Renato Iten, Head of Global Operations, Open Systems

Sean Martin, CISSP, Editor-in-Chief, ITSPmagazine


We hear about breaches all the time in the news. It can be overwhelming at first, and then we quickly become numb to the messages being slung by the media. And, in many cases, what the media shares is limited in terms of educationally-oriented content that can be used by other organizations to help them better protect themselves from similar attacks.

The purpose of this panel is to dig deeper than the news to get to the core of the attacks, how they work, and what companies can learn from their peers in the industry that have experienced a breach.

Attendees Will

  • Get a better sense of the breadth and depth of attacks and the likelihood that they will experience such attacks

  • Hear about the impact a successful breach can have on a company; real-life stories about the damage to revenue, reputation, legal costs, and the hit to the overall bottom line

  • Get tips and tricks to better prepare for the inevitable to reduce the likelihood, duration, and impact of an attack